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Building a Launch Collaboration that Works

Jul 1, 2022

What our client needed

Two large multinational companies were involved in developing and launching a potential blockbuster product. As the product entered phase III, the US Launch team was formed with the goal of establishing a best-in-industry launch plan for this potential blockbuster. A global alliance structure existed, but detailed US launch roles and activities had not been fully defined.

The US launch leader asked Cofactor to provide expertise to create the US launch governance system, define roles & responsibilities of the partners, and establish a fully aligned, best-in-industry US launch plan and process.

Cofactor solution

Working closely with the US Leaders and global cross-functional team members, Cofactor assessed existing US launch plan information and gaps, created an initial US launch plan, and designed a US Launch Governance and Team Charter document.

Cofactor also helped design and conduct two multi-day workshops with cross-functional team members from both companies to align around key elements of the partnership. Activities prioritized at the meeting included refining the overall US launch strategy, sharing launch best practices, building out the US launch critical success factors and metrics, developing US alliance governance and the US launch team charter, and introducing US launch plans, tracking processes & systems.

Project outcome

Senior Leadership and US Launch leaders from both companies expressed that the project achieved their vision of establishing a best-in-industry launch team, plans and process. In particular, a high level of clarity and confidence was established regarding ways of working together and ensuring a strong, singular launch focus. Significant progress was made on the overall US launch strategy and detailed launch planning across all functions.

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