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Tailoring Oncology Launch Plans to the Diagnostic Tissue Journey

Oct 1, 2022

What our client needed

In preparation for the launch of a companion diagnostic-linked cancer therapy, Commercial leadership needed to gain knowledge regarding the removal of lung tissue, anatomical and molecular diagnostic testing, and reporting processes. Cofactor was selected to build our client’s understanding of these issues by conducting market research into the roles, responsibilities, and challenges facing diagnostic stakeholders in the therapeutic category.

Cofactor solution

Through secondary and primary research, including interviews with Interventional Radiologists, Clinical Pathologists, Molecular Pathologists, and Lab Directors, we developed a detailed map of lung biopsy and diagnostic testing procedures. The research identified key intervention points associated with sample loss, poor testing quality, lack of biomarker testing, reporting and communication gaps at US-based academic and community hospitals and lab testing facilities.

Project outcome

The research and analyses provided a foundation for developing a diagnostic operational plan to address the major lung biopsy and diagnostic testing procedure challenges identified in the disease category.

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