Driving Growth with New Medical Evidence & LCM Initiatives

Aug 1, 2022

What our client needed

Following the successful launch of a novel specialty treatment, Commercial and Medical product leaders wanted to explore future clinical development opportunities for the brand. The project required in-depth therapeutic area knowledge, strategic thinking, and analytical skill to determine which investments that would maximize the value of this therapy.

Cofactor solution

Cofactor conducted extensive desk research and conducted interviews with a range of subject matter experts to evaluate the market and competitive environment. Through idea generation workshops, potential clinical development concepts were identified and subsequently characterized in detail. The Cofactor team then worked together with the client team to evaluate each opportunity to determine the commercial value, technical feasibility and fit for the organization.

Project outcome

With Cofactor Group’s guidance and analyses, the project yielded 18 potential LCM initiatives. After prioritization, the team aligned on four high potential programs, which were subsequently approved by Senior Leadership and fully funded.

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