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Understanding Patient Segment Growth Opportunities

Jun 1, 2022

What our client needed

Our client, a Brand Insight Leader for a growing cardiovascular agent, was preparing an annual global commercial plan for a product launched three years prior into a large, highly competitive market. The client needed to understand product performance and growth opportunities in a range of patient segments. The company had access to global patient chart pull information and wanted to leverage publicly available data sources to augment the chart data.

Cofactor solution

Cofactor prepared a custom analysis to combine insights from available data sources. Our work included leadership of working sessions to better define patient segments and metrics for the analysis, analysis of global chart pull data to profile size, product performance, and other key metrics by patient segment for the company’s top 8 markets, and analysis of NHANES data to fill gaps in understanding of patient segments in the US.

Project outcome

The analysis provided a clear understanding of patient segment size, growth, and product performance across markets. The analysis was used to reset plans for which segment to target by region and enabled the team to identify and capture best practices for top-performing markets for the most important segments. The analysis was also leveraged for insight in preparation for the launch of two new indications for the brand. Using the data as a foundation for their strategy, the product becomes the branded share leader over the subsequent two years.​

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