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Strategy Consulting, Market Research, Analytics, and Project Management
New Product Strategy

New Product Strategy

We leverage understanding of clinical science, medical practice, and the commercial environment to help clients formulate strategies for assets in Phase I through Phase III.

Lifecycle Strategy Planning

Lifecycle Strategy and Planning

We help clients navigate all phases of lifecycle management to maximize asset value.

Product Strategic Planning

Product Strategy and Brand Planning

We help clients develop, communicate and execute brand strategies and tactics that align the organization behind a successful plan.

Business Development Strategy

Business Development Strategy and Analytics

We help both large and small companies identify, assess and value Business Development opportunities.

Medical Affairs Strategy

Medical Affairs Strategy and Planning

We help clients develop, plan and execute comprehensive Medical Affairs strategies.

Commercial Analytics

Commercial Insight & Analytics

We possess a comprehensive set of capabilities to perform market research and analytics for brand teams and small enterprises, with an emphasis on customized, issue-driven approaches, and more complex markets and business problems.



We are experts at developing forecasts that incorporate an in-depth understanding of market dynamics, clinical science, and real-world medical practice.

Managed Markets Strategy

Managed Markets Strategy and Analytics

We help clients understand the managed care landscape, and develop strategies to drive profitable growth.

Workgroup Facilitation

Workgroup Facilitation & Consensus Building

We help clients maximize the productivity of their teams by facilitating high-impact working sessions to generate ideas, build consensus, and achieve alignment.