Market Access

Strategy development and analytics to optimize product and portfolio margins

Experience, Wisdom, Foresight

Changing dynamics between manufacturers, government, payers, patients, and physicians create challenges and opportunities for life science innovators.  Maximizing access to ensure products are affordable for patients is the goal for every organization.  Achieving this goal is more difficult than ever.

The Cofactor team combines experience in access strategy, contracting, and reimbursement with analytical know-how to help US and global Market Access teams optimize their pricing, contracting and access plans.

Project Types

Market Access Strategy

  • Market landscape analysis
  • Value strategy / value proposition development
  • Competitive wargaming
  • Strategy development
  • Project management

Pricing & Contracting

  • Pricing & contracting option identification and analysis
  • Deal / no deal assessments
  • Bottom-up contracting models

Support Tools & Analytics

  • KPI and market access metric development
  • Account-level performance reporting
  • Gross-net optimization analysis
  • Patient affordability program development and analysis
  • Account Director selling tools

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