Securing Market Leadership through Launch of New Indications

Feb 1, 2023

What our client needed

Presented with the opportunity of several upcoming new indications for a key brand, the commercial leader of a US cardiometabolic franchise sought to leverage the new data to gain market leadership. Priorities for the executive included carefully evolving the product strategy and positioning, creating intelligent launch plans for the new indications, and executing launch plans effectively.

Because of Cofactor’s extensive experience with LCM program launch planning, and our ability to both plan and execute, our team was onboarded to support planning and execution for the LCM launches.

Cofactor solution

Cofactor developed a stepwise approach to structure planning for each LCM program that included landscape review, strategy development, launch plan development and launch plan execution phases.

Our multi-disciplinary team first developed core insights about each indication opportunity. Using the insight work as our foundation, our team facilitated several group planning sessions, where a joint Cofactor-client team collaborated to align on a strategy for each indication. Once the strategy development phase was completed, we led a process to gather, refine, and integrate launch plans for commercial, medical and market access teams. We also developed a launch tracking dashboard, monitored progress of the team against the plan, and provided extra support for selected high importance initiatives where the team was lacking in resources.

Project outcome

Cofactor’s work enabled the client team to align around & deliver against plans to revitalize performance for a key product using new indications. Following approval of the indications in focus, market share performance for the product improved, and the product set a trajectory to compete for market leadership in its therapeutic category.

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